Problems with LE4, please help!

Hello there,

I’m reasonably new to Cubase and I have recently encountered some problems with LE4 that are hindering and almost stopping me from using it to its fullest potential. These problems arose from nowhere and I am running out of ideas as to how to fix these and would greatly appreciate some advice.

The first problem I encounter is that, upon opening a new project and choosing to select a new audio track the record enable button does not work. I will try to click on it, yet it does not respond. It is as if it’s not there. The only way I can counter this problem is by opening a past project that still lets me click the record enable, closing it and re-opening a new project. However, it is becoming somewhat tedious having to do this every time I wish to record a new song.

The second problem I have is that when I record an audio track, save the project, close it and then re-open it, the wave form inside the audio track is no longer there. The sound is there but no image of the sound waves and this makes it almost impossible to mix and cut the tracks to my needs.

If someone could help me out in any way I would be extremely grateful.

Try deleting Prefs. You don’t say what your specs are especially OS so you’ll have to look in the Knowledge Base to see how.