Problems with loading and saving presets

Hi ! i just bought Halion sonic. I use 64 bit version on windows 7. I isnstalled the latest update. all of a sudden I can Neither load or save new presets, but it finds the old ones. The strange thing is that the old presets files are in the same folder as the new ones. Halion sonic just wont detect them.

The program is new to me so it might be an easy solution to this, but ive been stuck with this for hours now. : )

Has anyone experienced any of this?

If anyone got the answer this will save my day.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just rescan halionsonic folder in mediabay

Thx for helping :slight_smile:

Rescanning unfortunately does not help.

It seems like the problem starts when i run the update. before the update everything is ok, but after i update to 1.6. the problems start again. I really can’t figure this one out.

I installed the progam on the d: driver, but that should not be the issue here. it still finds files saved before the update.

Strange!!! :open_mouth:

Has anyone an idea what this might be.

tnx for all the help i can get :slight_smile:

I decided to stay with the old version. I tried to install Halion sonic on c: disk , same problem after update, but thx for the help.