Problems with losing my license after PC Recover

I had a Cubase LE Elements 7 license, but after a PC Recovery i think that i’ve lost it’s license. My eLicenser Control Center says that my “Serial Number of Soft-eLicenser isn’t exclusive.”.
I don’t have a USB e-licenser because it wasn’t available in my country the time that i got the Software. Now i’m afraid that, after my PC Recovery i can’t have access to my product anymore. The only thing that i’ve got in hands is my software register code that came in the product acquisition.
Now i’m completely lost. What do i do now? I’ve lost my software forever or there is another way of proving that i paid for it, therefore i have the right of having it?
I don’t know what’s the procedure that i have to do from now on. :blush:

I’m very thankful in advance for any help that i may receive.

Normally you would have your software registered in your MySteinberg account where you can request a re-activation.

Well, i tried it, but when i click in the reactivation button it appears that “there’s no soft-eLicenser to reactivate”. Then i put my e Licenser number from my ELicenser control center and it replies that “there is no elicenser with this number”.

does it make any difference if my cubase LE came along with a scarlet kit?

What exactly do you mean by “PC Recovery”? I’m not sure what to suggest unless I know what was lost and what was “recovered”.

I don’t think so.

After the update of Windows 10 1803: