Problems with MIDI CC Overdub

Hello! it appears that it is impossible to overdub MIDI CC, what am I doing wrong??
I want to totally replace my old MIDI CC


Make sure the focus remains in the editor. You must not press the Record button on the Transport Bar of the Project window. You have to press Record via the Key Command or from a hardware controller.

Im pressing record on my Streamdeck, as a Generic Remote

any news ?

This combination of setting your MIDI Record mode to Replace, and setting Controllers as the target to replace is the most common way to overdub CC automation. Sometimes however, for some people, the weird behavior that you observed may return at random even with those settings, and often times restarting Cubase can clear it up.

The only other alternative is to use track automation instead. You can convert between the two formats rather easily (Freeze MIDI Modifiers/Extract MIDI Automation), and assign the conversion to key commands. Track automation is far more reliable to work with. You can choose to record CC automation in the key editor as usual and only convert for overdubs, or use track automation for the whole process. It’s not a workflow for everyone, of course.

I’ve now a macro with PLE’s that delete modulation and expression when I press record. =)

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