Problems with MIDI Device manager


i have setup a device through the MIDI device manager for my Kurzweil K2500 … i’ve tried both, using the built in template for the K2000 and configuring my own. Every time i re-open a project or create a new one i am getting an error for missing ports although nothing has changed (see attached)

what am i doing wrong ???


I guess that you want to use your Kurzweil as a VSTi…

For this, did you saved the MIDI device after setting it up ? It’s mandatory to save each device you created with the relevent MIDI port that will be used. Mine are saved as .xml (doesn’t matter where you put it, if the MIDI Device Manager can load it).

They should appear in the MIDI device manager as ‘Installed devices’ (see the attached image ‘MIDI_DeviceManager.jpg’ below). This done, you have to add each of the devices created in the ‘VST connections/External instruments’, using the ‘Add external instrument’, then the ‘Associate MIDI device’ buttons and loading the relevent MIDI device already created as .xml file. Once done, set for each of the external instruments added the relevent audio device and device ports (see the attached image ‘VSTConnections_ExtInstr.jpg’).

Hope this will help…