Problems with midi keyboard input in 1.0.10.

When I input notes with my midi keyboard, Dorico now plays a note every time I press a number on the keyboard. There’s also a slight delay between when I press a key on the midi keyboard, and when I hear the sound. Together, this makes it difficult to input notes with my midi keyboard. Is there any solution for this problem other than turn off “Play notes during note input and selection”? I’m on a Mac.

I’m afraid the latency is indeed higher than it should be at the moment. We aim to address this in the next update. (The reason it’s slow is that we currently have to wait until we have input the note, which means understanding which octave it will be in, what transposition is in play, etc., and although this isn’t particularly slow it’s perceptibly slower than if we could just trigger the sound the instant you hit the key. The needed improvement is to bring the calculation of the prevailing transposition etc. forwards so that we can trigger the correct note right away, before it has actually been input into the score.)

Thanks, I had noticed that too since the update, I will stop trying to tweak settings to find the cause !


I’m on iMac 27’’ with i7-core and 8GB of RAM. Alas, the problem is still there - there is a quite perceptible delay/latency on midi keyboard input that does create certain confusion. (This is Dorico 1.0.20).
Perhaps, it’s not big deal for people who rely mostly on visual result/feedback of the input action, but for those who create notation “by ears”, it’s quite an inconvenience.

Daniel, has the idea that you mentioned - triggering the sound prior to calculating all the inners of rendering the score - been implemented in the upcoming update 1.0.30?

Igor Borodin

Unfortunately this won’t be in the forthcoming update, but the happier news is that I have managed to fix this in our internal build. The fix didn’t quite make it in time for 1.0.30.

Thank you, Paul for the prompt reply and for the hope :slight_smile: