problems with midi loop recording

Hi everyone,
first, sorry for my english, i’m french :wink: so i’ll do my best (i have french cubase so hope i’ll use the right terms)
here’s my problem : when i record for instance a midi drum track in loop mode and stacked no mute for let’s say 2 bars, i play on the first cycle a kick every beat, and when the 2nd cycle start and i want to play my snare, i don’t hear the kick for the 2/3 first beats… if i wait the 3rd cycle, then no problem, i hear all the kicks from the first beats as well.

and in a way, i also have the opposite problem for “replace?” mode. when the 2nd cycle start, the new one should replace the 1st, but i still hear what i played before only for 2/3 beats

any idea ?
thanks, Martin