Problems with midi ports


My MIDI controller (KORG TAKTILE 49) doesn’t work properly at Cubase 9.5.10. When I press the keys on the keyboard, my VST or hardware synths doesn’t play any sound, while the system recognizes the incoming MIDI signal from pressing the keyboard.

Also there is a problem with some VST plugin, that provide virtual MIDI OUT (for example Sugar-Bytes TheSys). When I use MIDI OUT as Input routing there is no sound from VST/HARDWARE.

When I use VST standalone (without Caubese) everything is working good. Also there is no problem with Korg Taktile controller when I use it as Mackie Control.

Hi and welcome,

What Audio Device do you use? What is the routing? Can you import and play back any Audio file?

To me it sounds more like you cannot hear a sound from Cubase.

I have the same problems with Taktile 49. Using actual MidiDriver DrvTools_1_15_r25! I can remote in a single stand alone vst-instrument, but if I start cubase 9.5-30 and using a Mackie-Control, a midi signal will be indicated, but no sound and the keys on the plugin are not chipping!


Sorry, I don’t know Taktile. Do you use this as Mackie? Or do you use real Mackie HW?

Could you please answer the questions from my previous post?