Problems with midi recording, notes not recorded

I’m having some problem here with some recording issues.

The first is the “press record + play to record” that I cannot for the life of me figure out why a DAW would have. But I press record and nothing happens other than the record button turning red/activated. Then I press play and the recording starts, but the recorded notes don’t start at the beginning of the track, but about an inch forwards, even though I hold down the chord before the cursor even moves when recording. It’s not then easy to move the notes to the start of the event, moving the play head and splitting right where the notes start is not a solution so far, as the notes seem to disappear altogether when doing that.

The second issue is that pressing on ‘sync’ so it says ‘int’ next to it makes the record button work on its own (without help from the play button), but the notes don’t record! It ends up only with an empty segment.

Well, thanks a lot.

Ah, I figured it out. Holding down the chords in advance seemed to be the cause.

Because you´re obviously on external sync. Which is of no help unless you really sync Cubase externally. Should probably start to read the manual, to understand what you´re doing instead of sympliy pressing some knobs.

When the notes disappear on splitting, your split point is after the actual note start. For the wrong placement; use “Check system timestamp” mentioned more than often on the forum here. Try the search.

Well, obviously if you press record after pressing the keys, you will not get a MIDI recording if the note ons…

I thought I’d deleted this post.

As for reading the manual. They’ve complicated simple recording with this sync thing, among others. I read the manual when wanting to find out about midi recording features, audio processing, etc. I don’t expect to read through the manual just to get the record button to stop acting ambiguously.
It’s not all about the manual. It’s also about conventional software wisdom, or whatever. Certain user related issues that most other software seem to agree on. Like, when you click any of the inserts menu titles, the inspector invariably goes out of view, unless you hold down CTRL, which really becomes a burden to access such regularly used features. How many need sync?

Regarding the midi. It does make sense that noteon wouldn’t register in advance.

Thanks for your answers.