Problems with my Steinberg Account

Hello, i have a problem, i have a lot of Steinberg Products and Libraries and today i upgraded to Cubase 8 Pro from 6.5.5. My Account login was xxxxxx and now it logs only under the email address, why i do not know, none of my products is now listed there nor my eLicenser, when i try to register tells me registered under another name.

Anyone any clues?


obviously youve created a 2nd account with a different user name i think contacting support would be your best bet

I did contact them and waiting for answer but that is not the case, i had a UserName
that i always login, now that username can not be found, instead i have to use my
email address. When i log in my profile is there but none of my products…Steinberg
has the habit to do things like this, i know from experience.

Now i see what’s going on, these guys are unbelievable.

What was going on? What guys are unbelievable?

Exactly that…i had one account which i used for My Steinberg and the Forums, in the old days.
On the Forums i had a custom Name only as is here, Basari Studios but on My Steinberg was my
real name. When the split came, forums and all the stuff they did they actually separated the 2
into 2 different account but i never needed to check My Steinberg till now, to realize that.

This is not what happened. In the first place because we cannot create accounts for any user. Both accounts have your real name, besides being registered way before the Forum / MySteinberg split (the most recent is over 4 years old). We also couldn’t know your other e-mail address or choose a username to your liking. I don’t mean to be harsh, but when it comes to privacy policy things need to be crystal clear.

Please see PM for details on the accounts.

I understand, maybe i misunderstood the whole thing or…when the split happen maybe
i created another account thinking i need it for the forum which is weird…anyways Thanks
its all good now and we ready to go.