Problems with new cloned jhard drive

Hi. I had a 240Gb SSD installed in my PC, and I have just changed that and installed a 1Tb SSD drive. This has been cloned and is now installed as my main drive and everything is working correctly, except for Cubase 12 Pro. The activation manager has disappeared from my desktop, but I have managed to download that and opened it. This now will not allow me to load Cubase and is telling me that my “activation limit reached”. I have Cubase installed on two computers and I am assuming that it still thinks that it is installed on my old drive as well as me trying to run it on the new one. I still have the old drive which I can access. Can anyone assist, please.

Usually, the “correct” way to do this is to deactivate the license one the old system and the activate it on the new system (the hard disk counts as part of the system), but you also have an option in your mySteinberg-account to disable the old activation, see products/Deactivate license on unavailable computers.

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Hi - thanks for that. I seem to have resolved the problem by deactivating one activation. Cubase is now running ok. Thanks for your help.