Problems with new driver Version?

Hello…I’m new to the forum…been lurking for a couple years.

When I try to play an audio CD on my studio PC…I get a steady skip of the material -----------. Any commercial CD skips this way…haven’t tried a home burned disc yet. Why I followed the windows device troubleshooter I don’t know…it’s never solved a problem for me in 20 or so years…usually gets to “update driver”.

In this case I recently updated the drivers for my MR816x… the only sound device on my PC. I tried to update the CD/DVD drive drivers this morning…the latest are installed.

The drive is fine for reading a CD ROM…displays the contents etc… I could install a program with a CD if needed…but can’t play an audio CD. I actually found a category in the troubleshooter for “reads CD ROM but won’t play audio CD”…solution? guessed it “update driver”!!!

This was a problem as soon as I booted up today…".Ahhh gonna clean the studio…listen to some Tom Petty". Several hours later still just dealing with the skipping CD problem. A hammer is quickly emerging as the tool of choice :angry:

It was fine yesterday!! So… could be the newly updated drivers for the MR816x…I’m guessing of course. I reinstalled the 1.7 drivers a half dozen times today, cleaned the lens, tried to roll back to the previous version…can’t…won’t.

Anyone have a thought?