Problems with new iOS screen and x32

I love using cubasis but haven’t used it in a while so today I thought let’s go and was surprised with the problems i now have.

  1. It will run on the iPad pro but when i try it on the second monitor the screen stays black

  2. When selecting outputs i can adress all the channels on the x32 without any problem however input is only mono and 1 channel. It seems to be the mic. And not the USB port.

Any ideas ?

I am one step closer
By disabling the microphone acces I now have access to my x32.
Only problem… Only 24 channels and you guessed it. My inputs are at 24-32 :wink:

I know for sure I’ve seen 32 in a previous version

Tested GarageBand and that one does see 32 inputs.

Also found a semi workaround for the black screen
Open it on the iPad screen and minimize it now activate it again on the external monitor and you have a floating window.

It works but i would love to see it fixed and made more high res. I’m using a 32% 4k screen and it looks very 80s :wink:

Always open to help test things.