Problems with OMF

I always try to get WAV or AIFF for each track but sometimes I’m stuck with OMF and have always had trouble with these files. FWIW, they usually come from Final Cut Pro, if that helps.

The trouble I have is that there is some type of “phantom automation” in the tracks because sometimes I’ll get audio fadeouts/dropouts even when the fader is up and there is clearly an event on the track and no automation showing. This usually happens at the start or end of a clip. Furthermore, if I drag the clip to increase or decrease its length, the dropout stays at the same location relative to the end or start of the clip (whichever I’m dragging). So, somehow, there is some type of level automation linked to the start or end of the clip but I can’t find it anywhere. I can select the track and “show all used automation” and nothing shows up.

Also, I sometimes get audio on a track where there is no clip present and I have to manually drop the fader to -inf to silence it. Again, this usually happens just before or just after an event on the track.

Has anyone run into this problem and found a solution? It really creates a lot of extra work because I often have to manually recreate fades/cuts that were already put in place by the video editor. A typical project might have 600 - 700 clips, so you can see that it quickly becomes EXTREMELY time-consuming.



I have never worked with OMF files, but from what I understand, there are 2 types (OMF 1.0 and 2.0). OMF 2.0 contains embedded automation and clip data, which is likely the cause of your troubles. How are you importing the OMF files into Cubase? The Operation Manual mentions several options you can enable that will dictate how this automation is dealt with. I suggest looking there for a solution. Good luck :smiley: