Problems with playback and instrument assignment


(Apologies in advance if I have missed something, but I have watched the videos and I can’t find any reference to this scenario or in the manual)

I am really struggling to get playback working for new (added) players to a score.

If I create a new score everything is fine - Dorico assigns instruments from Halion and playback is as it should be.

However if you add a player(s) to an existing score things do not work as expected or not at all. There seem to be 3 places that need configuring:

  1. Add a player with instrument in SETUP mode. This looks fine, but on the occasions that I have got the playback of new player/instruments to work at al, it is only after selecting the CHANGE INSTRUMENT option which appears when you right click on the little arrow for the instrument name.

  2. The Halion player itself where you add an instrument in a slot. This works fine for me as well.

  3. Play mode - my impression is that the parameters you set for the different players is buggy.

Firstly - after selecting the Halion player and a MIDI channel, and even saving the whole project, when you go back to PLAY mode, the settings for that player have disappeared and you have to reset them again. They seem to stick eventually but I can’t see a pattern.

Secondly - the dropdown list of MIDI channels seems to stop registering at no 9 - selecting 10 or above is not reflected in the display - I got 10 to work (although the diplay is blank) but 11 and upward won’t play ball at all.

Any help/pointers gratefully accepted.


Both of these are unfortunately bugs in the current version. The better news though is that they are fixed for the next update.