Problems with Playback in Dorico using Noteperformer

Thanks in advance for reading and helping!

I’m using the following:
MacBook M1 2020
Dorico Version (Jan 5 2022)
Dorico 4 AudioEngine Version
Noteperformer version

I have a composition in progress with two instruments using Noteperformer playback on a trombone and piano. When I am editing or if I press on a note it plays the note or chord I highlight, but when I press play it doesn’t always play. There doesn’t seem to be any pattern to it. Most of the time the trombone line will play, but the piano does not. However sometimes it does!!

I’ve closed everything down, cleared the audio engine cache and reset audio engine data, but still facing the same problems.

If there is any more information I can give let me know! Thanks all! Paul :flamingo:

Welcome to the forum, @flamingo_paul .

If you can post a Diagnostic Report here (given your trust level on the forum), that will help members of the Dorico Team diagnose your situation.

You can create a Diagnostic Report from the Help menu. Dorico will create the report on your desktop as a zip file.

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My guess. If you select a single note, then Dorico plays back all instruments. But if you select more than one note (in your Trombone), then Dorico only plays back the Trombone part. This is expected behaviour (and very useful for isolating passages for playback).

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Dorico (1.1 MB)

Thanks Derrek! Hopefully this has uploaded!

Thanks as well for the trust level link as well - a useful read!

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Thanks Janus! I have been caught by this in the past! Sadly not this one this time though! :smiling_face:

@flamingo_paul, the first thing I would recommend is to update to Dorico 4.3.31, which is the latest free update to Dorico 4, and which contains many, many fixes and improvements over and above Dorico 4.0. You can download it via Steinberg Download Assistant.


Wonderful! Thanks Daniel! I don’t know how I’d missed that! I’ll do that!

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