Problems with plugin graphics and WL 8.5.3

I was using FAB Pro L, and FAB Pro Q2 and Nugen Monomaker 4. I rendered the file and went back to do another file using the same setup and the plugins were there but the graphics inside the plugins were gone so I no longer had the analyzer in Pro Q2 or the peak indicator in Pro L or the graphic indicators in Nugen Monomaker 4. I tried tuning off the plugins and then re turning them on but nothing changed. I finally exited WL and reopened it and the graphics were back until I did a render and then the were off. I am running Window 7 Pro with all the updates, a Nvidia graphic’s card with all the updates, 8 gigs of RAM, SSD drives for the main drive and for the work drive. The computer is a Pentium quad 775 socket with all the latest board and peripheral updates.

This just started today.

Any idea of what is going on. WL 8.5.3 was running very smoothly but not any more. All these glitches and problems makes me want to go back to WL6 on Window’s XP.

NUGEN plugins in general have some major graphics problems in WL8.5.30. I have been in touch with them but haven’t seen any progress. Most the graphics problems I’ve seen with NUGEN are where any level meters get stuck in an up or on position after the transport is stopped. I never have seen a missing GUI with NUGEN.

I also get major crashes with NUGEN plugins when they’re in a plugin chain and I move from plugin to plugin, changing parameters. Then after that initial crash happens, it doesn’t do it any more…it’s like it has to get that one crash out of it’s system before it’s stable. It seems they have some WaveLab stability issues to look into.

I’ve also had a fair amount of graphics problems in FabFilter plugins although Pro-Q 2 and Pro-MB have had stable graphics as they were updated in February.

I’ve never seen the FabFilter graphics just disappear though. For me, the FabFitler GUI problems in Pro-L and other FF plugins that haven’t been updated is usually a horizontally stretched or deformed GUI that can only be fixed by folder and unfolding the plugin window, or moving to another plugin and back to the FF plugin.

Kind of a small nuisance I’ve gotten used to doing over the last year or two.

I know this doesn’t really help you at all but wanted to add to this report of unusual plugin behavior incase any combined data is useful.

Thanks for the help. I did make the change to the 'graphic accelerator" suggested on the FAB website but no change. There is something that WL is doing when it renders a file that is messing up when you try and do another process using the same settings. It is like WL does not want you to do the same process twice. I noted this earlier on this forum when I said that we could not reprocess different parts of the same file with our RX-4 plugins. Once WL had done a process to a file it froze the NR plugin so it could not be used again on the same file. I guess I could have something set wrong the preferences. I will keep working on this an hopefully PG will chime in. I have just downloaded the 8.5.3 update and will run it again just ot make sure something is not corrupted. Thanks again…

I can’t say I’m experiencing these graphics issues on OS X so maybe it’s Windows specific.

Pro-Q 2 and Pro-MB have been updated by FabFilter so the graphics acceleration problem should be solved in the current release of those two plugins, but Pro-L and some others that haven’t been updated in awhile still have issues when graphics acceleration is enabled. Hopefully they update those soon.]

On the FabFIlter forum, there is another recent report by a user of a Windows/WaveLab reporting analyzer display problems.

Thomas, I can’t reproduce the FabFilter display problem you’re having, using a Win 7 nvidia setup, but did you try folding/unfolding the plugin windows (as jperkinski does with his different display issue) to see if they refresh correctly when this happens. Are you in the AudioFile workspace, using plugins in the Master Section? Does it happen with the VST2 versions of the plugins too?

Yes I tried folding/unfolding the plug in window and no change. It only happens when I render and then try and use the same setup on another section of the file or a new file. These problems are all in the AudioFile window -Strange- to say the least.

Thanks for the help!

Still having the same problem. Render a file and then try and use the same settings on the next file and all the graphics inside the plugins are gone. Close down the plugins and restart WL and everything works. Is there some preference file that may have gotten corrupted?