Hello! A week ago I sent a formulary to technical support but no one has responded. I have a question that maybe someone can respond. I have changed my computer and I have a copy of Time Machine. (I use Mac OSX) Everything works perfectly least Cubase. When you open any project does not detect the parameters that were introduced in the plugins. Detects plugins but not the parameters. For example, the EQ appears flat, like the waves API … I haven’t got the new code yet, to activate the license again ( I think is something stupid because if you have an ILOK …)Is the reason of cubase can not decode the information from the plugins ? Because the same thing happens when I save a new project, keep the plugins but not the parameters. Thank you very much for the help!

you should get an automaticaly Answer from the SteinbergServer if they got the request.

if you didn’t get such a mail, you should retry to send the Support-Request. Until you got such a mail.

i think many people are waiting for nothing, because Steinberg don’t recived the request…

Thank you, yessss yesterday I sent a new request and arrived to my Email the confirmation … if u don’t know this , u are waiting for nothing. Thank you!

If it’s any consolation, I occasionally (but not 100%) get this symptom when moving/copying arrangements between different PCs.

Always seems worse with multi-timbral VSTi’s like Halion and Halion Sonic. All my PCs have the same versions of Windows, drivers, Cubase and all plug-ins installed. This first became apparent to me with Cubase v5.x, and I still get it in v6.5x. I’ll always be using the same Syncrosoft license dongle across all machines.

My symptoms?

  • the arragment always loads and works fine on the source machine
  • the copied arrangement loads on second machine just fine, with no warning messages
  • the affected VSTi will be active, but will have no instruments in the repsective slots, and no parameters set
  • first-time loading of the arrangement on the second machine often appears much slower? - could be my imagination, but I think not (maybe something is being re-built?)

My solution?

I save the customised VST preset as well as the arrangement. If, on moving to the second PC, I find that I have got this problem, I just re-load the VST preset. It’s been 100% successful for me. Occasionally, I’ve forgotten to save and copy the VST preset file - in which case, just reconfiguring the VSTi by hand does the trick. Fine, if you have just one instrument loaded and all parameters are controlled via track settings and automation…but if it’s a 10-slot HalioSonic config with channel volume, panning and effects then that’s a real pain to re-do by hand.

I just wish I could work out what the conditions are that cause these VSTi’s to transfer OK most of the time, but not every time. If it’s a bug, I would report it and ask formally for it to be fixed. If it’s something predictable that I’m forgetting to do, then I’d like to know what, so I can do it correctly in future.

Oh, and I seem to have to live with VST presets being stored in \Users\myaccount\Documents\VST3 Presets\Steinberg Media Technologies\HALion Sonic\bla bla bla Is there any way to force them to go in the arrangment folder?

Right now I’m really angry. I have not received any response, if I think I should change the computer, do not understand why I have to order new licenses if each carries a single Key Cubase. I’m seriously considering getting a pirate software because I have 8 days off work. On the other hand, the Spanish forum seems off, not work and I am forced to read unofficial forums. Really pathetic Steinberg .

I have multiple analog recordings, it is impossible to save a preset for each plugin are keyboards, drums, guitars …unique, different models, each with own settings. It should be quite simple, is the same program, the same plugin, the same user. There is no reason it should not work.