Problems with "Positions" and Alpha Track

I am having a couple of problems with Cubase 6 64-bit on a PC

1)I used to be able to click on the “Position” windows in the Transport Panel (Primary Time Display, Left- and Right Locator Positions) and “Position” in the Marker window and type in a new position number, now I have to double-click, and the entire position is highlighted rather than the one number I want. This works in the Transport windows, but not at all in the Marker window - I can’t select the Position numbers in the marker window, I can only raise and lower the number by left-clicking and holding and raising or lowering the mouse over each individual number.

2)I have an Frontier Design Alpha Track with the latest driver downloaded, but it’s not working (it worked fine with Cubase 4). At one point, it triggered my MIDI drums, now it is not doing that, but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything else and the display is blank (but the MIDI In Activity bar rises when I press a button on it). Is this just a wrong setting? I checked to make sure the plug-in was in the correct folder (that is, I think it’s in the correct folder)

Thank you very much for any help!

No 2

You probably forgot to set up the Alpha in Device Setup, click on the + sign and add the Alpha Track, remember to deactivate the midi, in midi port setup!

Thank you, I’ll try that…anyone else have any thoughts on the Positions thing?