problems with product activation

Hi guys, I’ve been a longtime user of cubase 5 and figured I’d download the demo for 7 and see if it would be woth my while to upgrade. I got the email with the activation code, activated it in the e license center (it shows right up on my e licenser that it is a timed license that expires 8-27-13) but everytime I try to open cubase 7 it says that the product has not been activated and will need to be within 24 hours. If I continue and try to open anything it closes out the program. If I hit the button that says activate now on the startup of cubase it says that the license has already been used (of course it has it’s in my stupid ELC). I have uninstalled and reinstalled cubase trying both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions with the same result. I have also run the maintenance tool on the ELC numerous times to no avail. I would love any ideas from anybody, in the meantime I guess it’s back to 5 I go :confused:

bump, anybody have any ideas??