Problems with purchasing software

I am trying to buy several steinberg products including iconica sections/players, groove agent 5, Purple, and waves elements. The steinberg site is not accepting my credit card for some reason. I checked my credit company and my card is working fine.

I’ve emailed asknet as well call them and left voice mail but no response for several days.

Do you guys even want to sell your products? Just want to give you guys feedback that your sale service or the 3rd party company you use to help sell your service is horrible.

Hi what OS and web-browser are you using? Do you have any Add-ons installed? Do you have Anti-virus or Malware software that could be blocking the transaction?
I use Firefox with uMatrix installed and I often have to go several rounds of unblocking/whitelisting nested sites that are used in the transaction, especially if your bank uses a verification system like “Verified by Visa”.
Steinerg uses these days and IIRC I had to whitelist too. You may have to whitelist and also.