Problems with Quick Controls

I recently brought a cheap Korg NanoKontrol v 2 control surface
and set it up to work with Cubase 10

Presently works great as a basic transport / 8 x channel faders / pan / solo / mute / rec etc.

I have had problems trying to set it up to use it for either VST Quick Controls or Track Quick Cotrols

For example, when i try and use it for Track Quick Controls
even with the most basic built in plug in

It maps ok
when i use the hardware control surface to try and control the plug in
the software behaves like the pots are switches i.e. when they should be behaving like smooth absolute pots - going from 1 - 127 etc or similar
in a linear fashion,

instead, when i turn a pot, it changes the setting of the mapped parameter from 0 - half way between 0 and max setting,
when i turn it again, it then turns it from middle setting, to full, or back to 0 again

so it is all a bit like a switch or should i say a toggle switch
rather than a potentiometer or rotary encoder.

Any one know a solution to this problem?

Check these settings, but most likely it’s the settings in your Generic Remote for the Controller.

In the Generic Remote check the settings for the “Flags”


Try setting the Flags to R,T,R and see if that works.

If you just want the controller to send cc messages, you don’t even need to use a Generic Remote. Just route its MIDI Port to the Track you want to control. I pulled my nanoKontrol GR years ago and have been fine since. But you do need the GR if you want it to behave like a mixer control surface. I just use it as a bunch of ad hoc assignable controllers and use an X-Touch as a mixer controller.

Use the Korg Kontrol Editor to check the settings on your knob. I think they can be configured to act like a button and only transmit when they go above or below the center. Not able at the moment to verify that though.

Thanks for the replies
i will have to check the settings

although when the control surface i plugged in and is set to mackie control
it works fine

its when i try and use it with the QC or the VST QC
that it all goes pair shape
perhaps i will get somewhere with the Korg Kontrol Editor
thanks for advice

yeah, I also noticed that there is something wrong with ‘Track Quick Controls’ and ‘VST Quick Controls’.
I use a Moog minitaur as Midi Controller and QC and VST QC didn’t work for me, but if I use ‘Generic Control’ for the Quick Controls mapping, everything works perfectly.
So I guess it’s probably a Cubase issue.