Problems with re-activating liscense. How do I get a new activation code / new soft-elicencer number?

Hi Everyone,

I have a problem . I have two versions of cubase.
1: Cubase elements 9,5 on my laptop
2: Cubase LE 9,5 on my PC

Now, I want to switch the licences because I want the full elements version on my PC and the LE version on my laptop.
I de-installed both versions of cubase (via windows control panel). I downloaded the software again (with the steinberg download manager) and went to my steinberg account in the re-activation menu.

Now I need to input my new activation code / new soft-elicencer number? But how do I get this number? I dont understand. I didnt get any number while re-installing cubase.

Can anyone please enlighten me on how to do this? :slight_smile:
Michael from the Netherlands


Please follow and read carefully the instructions.

Actually, I doubt you can reactivate only one of the two products, if you registered them on the same Soft-eLicenser already.

Thank you for your reply Martin.

The problem is that when I uninstall cubase and try to re-install. Then automatically the E-licencer software keeps showing the old number.

Is it even possible to somehow switch these two licences around?

Actually, I’m really afraid it’s not possible to divide the licenses now.