Problems with Re-Downloading Cubase LE 7

Hi guys,

The download button link on MySteinberg disappear and now I’m all lost.

For your information, I ‘cleaned’ my PC a few weeks ago and lost Cubase LE 7 after that. I went back to MySteinberg’ to re-download Cubase (where the download button was still there) and the installing worked fine. I was having problems with my Soft-eLicenser that time and I manage to reactivate it. Cubase LE 7 was working fine since then and here comes another problem: Window 8.1 update.

The update deactivated my Soft eLicenser again so I went online and did the same thing to reactivate it. I copied the my SeL on MySteinberg and clicked ‘reactivate’ and ‘please provide a new SeL number’ warning appeared! I was frustrated as I can’t find the solutions to it online as well, so I decided to delete EVERYTHING (Cubase LE7 and eLCC) and start from scratch.

That’s when the download button disappeared from ‘MySteinberg’ and I can’t download Cubase at all!

Anyone please help I REALLY need Cubase! Thanks!


As I learned here on the forum, the link should appears again after a while. Unfortunately, I don’t know the time offset.