Problems with reactivation of Cubase LE 4

Hi! I have a Presonus Firestudio Project with Cubase LE 4 on CD.
I installed windows 8 on my computer and now I want to reactivate Cubase. I’ve already done it once in January (with windows 7), and everything worked just fine. But now when I try to reactivate it on MySteinberg website, an error appears: “The Soft-eLicenser number you have entered is either incomplete or not correct.”
I have entered the number many times, and it is the correct number that I see in eLicenser Control Center.

What should I do to reactivate my Cubase?

You need to request a new activation code with your new soft-elicencer code, this is done in the reactivation space of your mysteinberg account! This new code will be sent to you by email!

hope you understand