Problems with registering, i guess...

Hey there!

A while ago i bought Wavelab Elements 8, activated it, but never used it since. Now when i open it, Wavelab says to “activate”. Ok, so far so good…
Then when i try to activate it, Steinberg site says "“The activation code has been already used” and so on, i can’t activate my Wavelab Elements 8. What should i do?

The product itself is new and only in this pc only.

Hello, go to your Mysteinberg account and request a new activation code (Activation-Reactivation tab).
you need: 1) old activation code 2)the new eLicenser number
A new activation code will be sent to you, just insert it in the eLicenser.

hope this helps

What does your e-Licenser software on the same computer say about this license? This because ‘activating’ means that a valid license is placed on your (soft)e-Licenser, and that should be a one-time only procedure.