Problems with repeat endings and polymeters

When I try to place repeat endings in a polymetric piece in Dorico 2.2, the progam does not place them where I have specified, but over a wider range, splitting measures in the process. Note, I have deliberately chosen a place where all of the barlines in the different parts align. The attached screeshots show the selected range and the resulting placement of the ending bracket. I know I can drag the ending bracket around in Engrave Mode, but of course that won’t play properly, and in any case, seems like a workaround for a buggy feature.

I’m afraid I don’t think you can create a repeat ending for a local time signature, so this isn’t going to work. If you were using a more recent version of Dorico I would recommend creating brackets that have a similar appearance to repeat endings using the new staff-attached horizontal lines, but those features aren’t available in Dorico 2, I’m afraid.

This looks like a bug to me, how ever you explain it. If you can create music with multiple times signatures, then you should be able to place other elements correctly with reference to those time signatures. I bought this program because I though it would do polymeters correctly, unlike Finale or Sibelius, but I guess that’s only partly true. And the solution, like so many with regard to software, is “spend more money.” Hrrumph! And BTW, is there an upgrade path from Dorico 2.2 to the current version, other than “pay the full price?”

If you bought Dorico 2.2, you bought it when it was less than 3 years old. Already brilliant and top of the pile in many categories, but hardly close to fully mature.

There are things that Dorico can’t yet do that I want it to do. When it adds these features, I’ll have the option to pay for the upgrade, which represents a significant cost in development and distribution. I don’t see how that’s unreasonable.

You can upgrade from 2.2 to 3.5 for $160US. Not even close to full price.

FWIW this seems to work OK in Dorico pro 3.5.

Thanks. This information is impossible to find on the Steinberg website—at least, I couldn’t find it.

Thanks, Good to know.

But you always have us :slight_smile: