Problems with repeat structures

I was writing a piece with a lot of D.S. repeat structures and encountered the following problems. Are they bugs or have I just not found the solution?

  1. The color of the D.C., D.S. and Coda symbols can be selected but that has no effect - they stay black.
  2. If a D.S. symbol is in the last bar its size cannot be altered.
  3. I had multiple D.S. structures with different Marker Index values, and a Coda plus a jump to it from the second-order D.S. round (D.S.S.). But when I added a second Coda, to which there was not supposed to be any jump, Dorico insisted on jumping to it from an earlier D.S. round. Perhaps there’s a limit to how embedded the repeat structures can be, or I made some mistake?
  4. I tried to get rid of the margin indent in a Coda but couldn’t do that in the Engraver and did not find a layout setting for that. Does Coda always come with this layout? I would like a ‘jump-from-mark-to-mark-on-the-second-round’ structure, without the Coda layout. I take it that’s not possible?

For the automatic gap before a coda, you can change that but it’s in Engrave > Engraving Options > Repeat Markers > Repeat Sections, so applies throughout the project.

Excellent, thanks!