Problems with Retrologue / Soundpack from USB-licenser to steinberg-licenser


because i got no answer from Steinberg support, I want to ask for help from community.

I transferred the offered products Retrologue, Future Bass, Xhophinka, imagenear according to the instructions from the USB licenser to the Steinberg system. One day later I got the error message “License not found”.

When I checked my Steinberg account, the Future Bass, Xhopohinka and Imagenaer were again (for the second time) named as activation codes. When I try to use it, the elicenser reports that there are no more licenses available on the USB license to be transferred.

That is logical, because they were deleted from the USB stick yesterday.

Meanwhile, Cubase no longer reports that the licenses are missing (after restarting it three times - that seems clear), but the sounds are not displayed. I reinstalled all three and they are also displayed in the Library Manager, but they don’t appear under Cubase in the Retrologue when I try to call them up. Somehow Retrologue doesn’t realize that the sounds are licensed, does it?

Cubase Artist 11. Mediabay also updated. elicenser is updated. All programms and tools are up to date.

What also strange is that it is now displayed under my Steinberg account under “Show Steinberg-Licensing based products”:

Future Bass (not used on any computer)
Imagenear (not used on any computer)
“Imagenear” review pending again (not used on any computer)
Retrologue (not used on any computer)
“Retrologue” check pending again (not used on any computer)
Xhophonika (not used on any computer)
“Xhophonika” review pending again (not used on any computer)

I’m running out of ideas.

Joerg Dankert