Problems with rewire Gigastudio (GS3)

I have a problem with rewire GS3 in Essentials 5, running on Windows XP. What I do is:

  • start Essentials 5
  • define rewire channels
  • start GS3

on the rewire track nothing is to be heard

  • open Midi track and select GigaStudio ouput channel

Now everything works fine and I can record a Midi track which sounds ok when played back

But when I do an audio mixdown, the sounds are truncated, each Midi note produces only a short sound, the rest is missing.

Anybody knows about this problem?

Used to use Gigastudio a lot with SX but it’s been a while as there are too many easier options these days. Forgive me if this doesn’t help as I don’t know Essential but when mixing down you have to choose the highest quality audio file to rendering down to.
Hope this helps.