Problems with sample rate

i’m on the latest version of cubase 13 pro on windows 10.
using an audient id44 soundcard.
i’m trying to change my sample rate from 48 to 96…
tried several times now, from the project setup window and cubase just keeps crashing on me.
i’m hearing a very soft “click” right after i make the change, which i’m assuming is the sample rate changing on the soundcard, after that cubase crashes instantly every time.
i have a pretty decent pc, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

when i’m changing it from 48 to 96 in my soundcard settings,
the only thing that happens for me, is that cubase works with it, for maybe about 1-2 minutes and then goes right back to 48 again…

i’ve been asking about this in fb groups and got lots of great tips, but unfortunately, so far this problem remains unsolved.

anyone here has any great ideas of things to try?
please help with this asap.

Exactly the same here on MacOS Sonoma 14.2 or Monterey 12.72. Same sample rate change attempt: 48k to 96k. No idea why, haven’t been able to track that down, but I will say that this sample rate change is a regular part of my process when receiving external projects for mix and analog outboard mastering: always ends up as 96k 64bitFP.

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ok, let’s hope we get some help with this asap.
i’ve been messing with this problem all day long, trying to find a solution.

no ideas for a solution to this?
spent all of yesterday and until now of today, trying to figure this one out.