Problems with Soft-eLicenser and Cubase LE 7

Hello Joshua, how are you. I’m having the same problem but on a PC with Windows 7 and LE 8. Could you help me? Thanx!

The same problem, please send a PM

Hello, I am trying to run eLicenser on Windows 10 32 bit, got an error that no internet connection could be established when running maintenance,
the attempt to register my eLicenser gave me an error 1001
Hope someone could let me know how to solve this issue,
Merry Christmas :slight_smile:

send me thePM 0r validation lincense for cubase 7.0.6 my email address: am a new member.

Im currently having the same issue windows 7 cubase le 9 though.
my framework is 4.0 as needed
Been dealing with this for over a week, no help from emails with steinberg.