Problems With Sound in Windows 11

I am using Dorico 4 Pro on a Windows 11 laptop with a USB-connected Focusrite 2i4 (1st generation) for sound output.

If I play music outside of Dorico, the sound correctly comes out of the Focusrite which has been set as the default sound output. When I open Dorico 4 Pro, the sound comes out the internal speakers. If I open Dorico’s Device Setup, the only option I have is the Generic Low Latency ASIO Driver with the Realtek Speakers. The Device Control Panel does not show the Focusrite module at all as an option.

I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling Dorico several times.

Any ideas?


You might want to try downloading the FlexASIO driver and see if that fixes things. VoiceMeeter also “fixes” a lot of Windows sound issues. I use both and am happy to go into further detail if you still can’t get it working.

If you go to your Windows Sound settings, scroll down to “More Sound settings,” select the 2i4, click Properties, then Advanced, is your 2i4 set to Exclusive Mode? If so, maybe try unchecking that box.

Thanks Fred:

I looked into the Exclusive Mode setting and it was already unchecked. When I created a diagnostic report to see if there was an error on opening Dorico, the audiodevicedoc.txt only contains “No audio device”.

I checked once again on the Focusrite website and discovered that I did not have the very latest driver. Once I downloaded it (, the unit was now discoverable in Dorico and the sound is being processed correctly.

Problem solved!

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