Problems with spacing between staves and shortened last staff

The spacing between staves on the first page and second are different. I understand Dorico is moving the staves around to automatically make the best formatting. Also the last staff is shortened.
I have troubles to get the best layout (maybe it’s my knowledge ) and make all the spacing the same. I also don’t want shortened staves on the end of the music.

What is the best workflow to change this quickly? And do I have to change this in settings?

  1. You can adjust the inter-system gap by going to Vertical Spacing in Layout options.

    NB you can also adjust individual system gap in Engrave Mode by switching on the Staff Spacing button on the left & then dragging the handles
  2. To stop the last system ending part way through a line, go to Note Spacing in Layout option and untick where it says “Only justify final system in flow when more than…”

Thank you.

  1. I have change the inter-system gap. I don’t understand the ‘values’ in relation to the values inside the Engrave Mode. When I change this to 12 the values shown in the Engrave Mode are different.
    I now it is possible to change handles in Engrave Mode. I will change this for all staves on page 2 at once. Now I have to change this per staff, or do I something wrong?

  2. Yes! Forgot this option, I have asked this earlier :slight_smile:

The first page ist probably using a “First” Master Page, which leaves some room at the top and at the bottom for text frames (title, composer, Copyright …). If you don’t want this, you can edit the Master Page, so that the music frame ist the same on both sets of master pages (“First” and “Default”).
Another setting, that could change the staff spacing is Layout Options --> Vertical Spacing --> Minimum Gaps. If you want a fixed distance between the staves and systems, you should untick the automatic collision avoidance.
The Vertical Jsutification (below Minimum Gaps) can also change the distance between Staves and Systems. Especially, when you have a different number of staves on the pages.