Problems with Steinberg licensing of Scoring Percussions

“Hello, today I updated several licenses from e-licensing to steinberg Licensing. Cubase 12 does not recognize the license of “Scoring Percussions”, despite being activated from the Activation Manager panel” the license not activated error always occurs. "

Same here.

Did you download and reinstall the software? It probably needs an update to being able to recognize the new licensing system.

Yes, installed the update of Scoring Percussion.

And you also opened the Activation Manager and pressed the Activate Button?

Yes, I upgraded the license to Steinberg Licensing, installed all Updates and activated the library,
now in the Activation Manager it shows as activated. When I try to load the sounds into Groove Agent 5 (latest update), it is not possible, because it can’t find a license.

same problem also on the laptop

Here it is the same problem on my iMac and my Windows-PC.

I opened a support ticket, now I have to wait…

Me, too