Problems with tempo when exporting project

l have problems with tempo; when l export the mixdown, the tempo on the resulting .wav or .mp3 are much slower than the original.
l´ve been working with Cubase for some time; lately l had to change the hard disk; it was cloned and everything works properly (no problems when recording, just when exporting). l also use FLStudio and l don´t have this problem. So it´s obvious that the problem comes from Cubase configuration.
l will appreciate any suggestion.
Thanks in advance.
l´ve checked everything, but I haven´t found the problem/solution. Happens with any project.

Sounds like a sample rate mismatch. Check your sample rate settings of cubase, audio interface, playback device, check everywhere that they use the same sample rate.

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Thanks. l do appreciate it. l´ll check it and make you know.