Problems with Text Changing

I’ve noticed this weird development with my track and instrument labels in Nuendo 12.

I have a starting MIDI template that I use for composition with multiple instances of my favorite VSTi’s. At the top o f the list it says EZ Drummer 1, 2, etc. Then Kontakt 1, 2, then EWQL 1 - 4, etc.

I start a drum pattern in EZ Drummer 1. Then after I’ve set a pattern, the label changes to SYSEX 01! I never touched the label. I just programmed a pattern. I went down to the VSTi Folder and changed the name back to EZ Drummer 1. It changed in the folder. But in the drop down menu of the MIDI channels it still says Sysex 01.

This keeps happening. When I loaded a Kontakt Instrument, the drop down menu changed it’s name to Sysex 04! Is anyone else having this very annoying problem of having labels just change?