Problems with text placement

In the added project, I experience problems with the text “E” and “md. h.”
I want the E below the line and md.h. over the line. But I often experience that when moving md.h. in place and afterwards move E in place, the first text is misplaced and visa verse. In the real project with many lines, it even changes the spacing between the lines.

I guess it has something to do with two texts connected to the same note, and I overcome the problem by attaching one of the texts to another note and then offset it. But I think it is a behaviour the team would like to fix at some point.
Untitled Project (220 KB)

a-jensen, despite wanting the E below the line, its Text properties are set to Position > Above. Set them to Position > Below and your problem goes away.

Thank, you - it works :slight_smile: