Problems with the latest Windows 10 update

I just updated my mastering computer to the latest Windows 10 update and when I did my sound card (RME) driver and my driver for my USB-eLicenser went away. Anyone else having this problem? I was able to fix this very quickly with downloads from the web but it was strange. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

My workstation updated to the very latest Windows 10 release recently, and WaveLab was unaffected, including the licensing.

I had to reinstall my audio driver, but since it is old and unsupported (E-MU 1616m) and only works in Windows 10 with an unofficial patch, that was no surprise, and was easily dealt with using the files I keep to hand for the purpose.


Here installed too.
no problems. I have a RME card too


No issues here Thomas and I am all RME.


OK thanks for the input. I will check other things. Be safe and STAY HEALTHY!

I guess there are really problems with the 2004 update to Windows 10 see and read this

I hate to be a “beta tester” for Microsoft. FWIW

Oh - I think I misunderstood here. Thought you meant the latest monthly “Cumulative” update for Windows 10. I certainly would not let any of my workstations get Windows 10 2004 at this stage of release - it’s way too early.



YES and I am wondering if I can scroll back the update???
What a mess!!!~

Actually - I believe you can:

Proceed with caution and remember this really only works within 30 days of the update occurring. (Like going from v1909 to v2004)


Could you elaborate? Cause in your first post you were able to fix it quite easily, apparently. What exactly is the mess with update 2004?

(BTW, I am so happy to be on Windows. Yes, a quirk once in a while, but still able to run hardware from 15 years ago. Try that with the other OS)

Like others, I did the last big update on both computers (the main one running RME HDSPe AIO) with no issues.

The update took out my RME drivers and my USB-eLicenser (Steinberg Key) software so i was able to download those from the WWW. I also had problems with my mouse driver but that seems to have cleared up. I will probably try and take off the 2004 update following the instructions in the link shown above. I have turned off Windows auto update. Hope this helps.

Why reverse an update after you have resolved the problems that affected you? Turning off routine updates, while I understand it, is probably more of a risk than keeping them active.


Sounds to me like a bit of a scare, but what’s done is done - and you have everything up and running again. Why reverse the update so you will very likely need to repeat the reinstallation of these items.

Plus, with Windows 10, you can postpone updates (with W10 Professional) but not indefinetely - you will be confronted with 2004 again eventually.

Also, I seem to recall you (Tom) were running an old RME soundcard? I wonder if possibly this is beginning to haunt your system.

My RME card is still sold and the drivers are updated periodically. I think my Windows 10 Pro software is basically haunted. FWIW

After reading the above comments I have decided to leave the update in place. Thanks for the suggestions…


I still do not know what version of Win 10 you are running - would be good to know for future issues.


He said above that the recent 2004 (the code means: [20]20, April) update caused the problem.


all fine here with RME card

I did lose a handful of serial number type authentications on plugins - and EuControl is a bit funky at start up but basically all good.

Good to hear but you may want to update your eLicenser to the most current version if you have not done so.