Problems with the mouse

So recently the mouse has stopped working properly with cubase. When I open any of the plug-ins or VST’s I can’t adjust their parameters with the mouse except by really small intervals. Also, I can’t right click on any of them. This problem doesn’t happen when I use third party plug-ins.
Also, it started happening after I installed Novation Automap. I’ve tried to uninstall now and the problem persists. I really don’t know what to do, this problem is really hindering my production :frowning:

Ill give an example of my problem to clarify a little more. Lets say I try to edit Prologue’s portamento with the mouse. When I try to move it up or down it will only move by 0.1 then I have to click it again to only to move it another 0.1. I really don’t know how to fix this and hope somebody can point me in the right direction.

Use system restore to get back to before you installed Automap. Then throw away Automap.

Other possible solutions:

BTW: First thing which came into my mind about the title was: buy a cat. Just realised: The Cat was already helping you :laughing:

Always chasing the mice, boss. :mrgreen:

I was finally able to figure it out. Automap had created new copies of the files in the VST3 folder. These had a (automap) at the end of their names and I think were overriding the original files. I deleted them and voila! Finally able to enjoy my plug-ins again.

Hope this helps if anyone is having the same problem.