Problems with the performance of Cubase 10.5.12 on Mac Os Catalina. CPU overloud.

I really like Cubase, especially the sound quality in playback. Program function.I’m comfortable working in it. I’m used to it. But the new 10.5.12 update has performance issues on Mac os. I had to install Logic Pro, which is without a doubt very stable software on the mac OS platform.In other words, I urge Steinberg developers to monitor our error messages and take urgent action for Mac os owners who use the software professionally. I would really like to go back to Cubase. but at the moment I will have to use Logic Pro.

It’s useless for me. I went back to Logic/Reaper. On both my high speced MBP i9 and Mac Mini i7 with Steinberg UR interface idle CPU is 30% with at least 150% on playback/recording. While it’s actually perfectly workable as such the high CPU means the fans go to the max so I can’t record.

So on two separate systems with fresh installs I have to assume its not a setup problem. I really want to use Cubase because its so much better in all other aspects but I can’t work with the fans at full blast.

I also have a wonky eLicenser that keeps disconnecting so theres that too. I want to spend my time creating music and not error checking or trying all kinds of permutations of settings in the hope it gets better.

I’m the same. Fresh install, running 16 tracks at 48kHz and the fans sound like the laptop is about to take off. Definitely a software issue

Imposible to work with Cubase. Cpu spikes with only a few tracks and plugins. Switching to Logic Pro X

Spikes all over here after upgrading my I7 to an I9 and updating Cubase 5 to 10.5. Thought I would gain something with that but instead it’s gotten worse…
Already did everything I could think of: turn off the suspend vst3 plugin processing, disabed hyperthreading in BIOS, activated/deactivated ASIO guard, different buffer setting etc etc.

Older projects, made with C5, seem to do better but I haven’t really messed around with effects in it so it’s really hard to tell. However, a project which was made with C5 but which I have adjusted a lot in 10.5 and saved with 10,5 is almost unworkable, can’t even repeat a few bars with just a kick and a bass without audio dropping every few seconds…

What seems to have worked for me is changing 32 bit floating to 64 bit floating; haven’t had any reel spikes anymore in the last hour or so, even with multithreading and suspend vst 3 all enabled.