Problems with usb midi timing


Well as the subject line states I got a problem with the usb midi timing. I have a midisport 8x8 and it’s running with no problems, but after cubase 5 has been running for a while, then the timing is way off. Any suggestions?
I’m on a pc, win xp, sp3, RME MultifaceII.


The MIDI Sport requires the use of Emulated MIDI ports to correct the timing issue. There’s a Knowledge Base article that explains it.

Thanks for the reply.

After reading my post again I can see that I wasn’t specific enough so I try again (sorry about that).
My problem is not with my midisport but with my analogfactory keyboard which also is usb powered. The interesting thing is, that my midisport which also is connected by usb is rock solid but when I use the analogfactory keyboard for recording VIs the timing is wrong when I listen to my recording afterwards. This doesn’t happen through the midisport when I use my S90Es which is connected to the midisport.

Hope this makes more sense :wink:

Thanks again.