problems with using my new elicenser with cubase artist 6.5

hi guys hope this is the right place for this? i have gone round in circles for ages trying to troubleshoot his but need some help?
my original elicneser broke recently,i ordered a replacement and since then i haven’t been able to open cubase as it keeps asking for my activation code, when i put the code into the elicenser software it tells me that i can’t use it as theres no registered steinberg products attached to this usb? i haven’t used the steinberg website for ages and i was unable to log in as my old user name so i had to create a new profile, could you help me fix this please as I need to finish up an album i am working on

Hi nad welcome,

In every case, you have to log in with your old MySteinberg username (contact your local dealer to solve this with you, please). You cannot register your Cubase to another MySteinberg account. Also you cannot Activate one Cubase license with the same Activation Code to multiple USB-eLicensers.

Follow the steps in the “Procedures for lost/defective USB-eLicensers” paragraph in this article, please.

the thing is i don’t even know what my old username was? the field was automatically filled in with my old username and password but it didn’t work? i had to create an account to be able to use the forums etc? thing is i don’t use any of my old email address anymore and have closed them down, what do you recommend i do? i am using cubase which I paid for ages ago and I am trying to use an new USB which paid for! I am not a theif, all I want to do is to be able to use my cubase for recording!

just plugged my broken one in! heres the number

1116401 - 616D52

I’m not sure, if it’s safe to send this number here. You should probably delete this post for safety reason.