Problems with VST Sounds Collections

I bought the Dark Planet, Hypnotic Dance and Elec Drums, the second 2 work perfectly,
all of them are activated but the Dark Planet, it shows up in Halion Sonic SE, the patches
are there and everything but it doesnt work…you select a patch, tries to Load and then
it fails and it just stays on the last patch Loaded from some other library…please help?


Have you updated Halion Sonic SE to 1.6?

update Halion Sonic SE to 1.6 and update to the latest elicenser software as well. Dark Planet is the newest release of the bunch and many need the dongle software at the latest too.

Thanks guys, my eLicenser is updated…but the HalionSonicSE…where do i get an update
only for that Please? I see there is for HalionSonic but i have the SE version. Mine is at 4 something.


Thanks Bro, i though it was a separate update only for Halion Sonic SE.

It is.
It’s beneath the 6.5.1 hotfix.

Solved! Thanks Guys!