Problems with Wave Arts Master Restoration Suite

Does anyone have experience using the Wave Arts Master Restoration Suite plugins with WaveLab on Mac or PC?

I am using WaveLab on Mac and have had no success getting these to work correctly with WaveLab 7 or 8 now that I updated.

I really like these plugins and think they work better than the Sonnox restoration ones. It would be great if I could avoid my current workaround of applying them in Pro Tools, bouncing the audio, then importing back into WaveLab. Especially since Pro Tools is now AAX only and I don’t want to update the plugs.

The specific issues I encounter are:

  1. Buttons are unpredictable. Engaging a control may take many many clicks before it is registered and once it is it may or may not be possible to deselect even with several tens of clicks.

  2. Knobs cannot be deselected once an adjustment is made. After you click a knob and start dragging to adjust it, letting go of the mouse does not stop adjusting the setting. The knob just keeps turning all over the place even after you have stopped holding the mouse click.

  3. Crashes. It randomly crashes the entire application.

Hello Rufus,

I have never used these plugins but I have considered buying them many times. Why do you use these inside of the WaveLab program if I may ask?