Problems with WaveLab 10 upgrade

Hi WaveLab Forum,

I am having a problem with a recent upgrade from WaveLab 9 to 10. I am running Big Sur 11.2.3 on a MacBook Pro with through an Apogee Ensemble Thunderbolt.

I decided to upgrade because 9 was getting glitchy with the 64 bit architecture of the new Mac OSs.
Sadly, 10 is running even worse! Perhaps someone has seen this set of problems and can relate them to a possible fix.

Here’s the list of issues and it’s long:

  1. In 48k Audio Montage 2 track setup, no plugins, when I press play, I get audio but there is about a 1 second delay before the meters wake up. They are playing that period out of sync with the audio. They seem to have an intermittent signal which activates and deactivates all the meters on about a 1 second cycle.

  2. When I turn off the Master section the clocking of the audio becomes random. I’m not familiar enough with WaveLab 10 to judge whether this is normal or not.

  3. Any higher sample rates than 48k and the audio starts emulating the meter fault with drop ins and outs cycling over a second.

  4. Back in 48k, when I start adding more than the equivalent of 4 plugs working simultaneously, the same audio dropouts occur.

I have uninstalled/reinstalled/restarted without success. The Mac’s Activity Monitor seems not to be peaking with CPU usage.

Apogee have a new firmware version for the Ensemble Thunderbolt being released next month. Perhaps… Perhaps… Perhaps?

My thanks, in advance for anyone who can make any sense of this issue.

All the best,

Andrew Ross

What setup are you running?

Try with another audio device, to see if there is a difference.