Problems with Wavelab Elements 7 and Creative Audigy 4 sound


I have been using Wavelab 6 with my Audigy 4 with no problem.
I have just installed Wavelab Elements 7 & Cubase Elements 6 on my Windows 7 64-bit PC and cannot get 44.1 khz output in Wavelab (sample rate cannot be changed …), Cubase is fine.

I’ve seen similar posts on this forum but haven’t found an answer, apart from the possibility that the Audigy is not supported.
I have tried using the Windows MME driver, but just get a really distorted sound, whatever setting I use for buffer size etc.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

The MME settings are done from the Sound applet of Windows’s Control Panel.

Thanks PG.

I’ve got the MME sounding ok now.
That will do me, but I still don’t understand why I can’t use the other drivers now, they are fine for everything else.
But as I don’t need low latency to edit/play files then I suppose it doesn’t really matter :slight_smile: