Procedure to add software to second computer

Hi all,

I have Cubase 7.5, purchased on disks, and Wavelab elements 8 which I purchased via download. If I want to add these programs to a second PC, while keeping them on the first PC, do I simply need to purchase a second elicenser and then install the programs on the second PC? Or can these programs only be used on a single computer?

Thanks in advance.

You can install the programs on both computers. If you have only one elicenser dongle that contains the licenses you can only use the software on the computer that has the dongle plugged into it. Meaning you can only use one computer at a time.

If you want/need to use the programs on each computer at the same time you must purchase another dongle and software licenses.

Some get around purchasing two licenses by installing a “lesser” version of Cubase to install on the 2nd computer. “Lesser” meaning a version that does not need the license on a dongle.

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