Procedure with corrupted songs/files - HELP!

Just 4 weeks ago I recorded the music for a scene in a feature film I have been working on. Now the client returns with some changes and now I cant open the song.
I have tried to Import Tracks From Project - crash. Unfortunately the project is created on my orchestral Template with around 750 tracks, and I can’t remember which tracks actually have any data. It seems to be the audio files that causes the problem, so I have moved them out of the folder, but even then I can’t load the project. It’s music with a lots of tempo edits, and I can’t get them back with the ITFP function.
What can I do?
ps. The song is recorded in Cubase Pro 9.5.20 and I have just updated to 9.5.30.
Any help much appreciated!


Could you try to install Cubase 9.5.20 back and try to open it here?

Did you make any plug-in update in between?

Could you share the crash file, please?

Hi Martin,
So great you are always there!!
I will try to install CP 9.5.20 tomorrow.
Here is the report:

How can I install 9.5.20?
Thanks a lot for your help!

I’ll return tomorrow!

I’m afraid you have to uninstall (delete or better just rename on Mac) Cubase application and install again from the full installer. Then update to C9.5.20 or 21, but to the 9.5.30.

Unless you have the 9.5xx patches on your computer you will have to do with as Steinberg do not offer downloads for older patches.

Well I succeeded in reinstalling 9.5.21 and the file opens just fine. I think I go back to this version.
Thanks a lot for your help.


Thank you for the info. Now it would be interesting to get the project to be able to analyse where the problem is, of course.

I’m thinking, if it could be related to this thread.