Process a selection on one side of a file with plugins?

I have a stereo file open in the audio files window… If I make a selection (maybe 3 seconds of audio - only on the LEFT side), and I go to “process” in the menu above, I can do gain changes, or fades, etc that will only affect the selected audio. How can I process only the selected audio with a plugin? Obviously it would need to be a mono process.


Although it seems logical, the Process menu is not where you want to look if you are trying to process a VST plugin on an audio file or just a small section of an audio file. The process menu is only for special tasks. When I first used Wavelab this is where I looked as well thinking there was an easy way to process files like AudioSuite in Pro Tools which is not the case, the plugin needs to be inserted live on the master output and then rendered.

You have to juggle whether you want to hear your audio file without going through the master section or bypassing the master section. There is a toggle button for that in the lower right corner of the audio edit window.

To process only a section using a VST plugin, you insert it on the global master section, dial in your settings, and select the section you want to process which in your case is only one channel. When I am using RX4 to DeClick some areas, I do not want the audio file passing through RX4 when playing back and looking for clicks because RX4 will be running live on the entire file and I likely won’t hear any clicks. If I am doing some EQ work, I want the file to be running through the master section so I can dial in the EQ settings. So depending on the type of processing you are doing, you may or may not want the audio file passing through the master section where the VST plugin is inserted.

There are two ways to process the file once the plugin is dialed in, and the area you want to process is selected.

One way is the “render in place” button on the plugin window itself as you an see in one of the attached screen shots.

The other way is to open the render dialogue box where you have additional options to render either the entire file or just a selection, crossfade at boundaries, bypass master section on resulting file after the render etc.

There is an attached screen shot showing you that too.

Maybe PG can clarify what settings are enabled when you do the simple “render in place” option. Does it reference the settings you last used in the render box when it comes to crossfades at boundaries and no tail?

Excellent. Thanks for the detailed answer! :slight_smile: